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Biden and Harris Rally in Philadelphia to Bolster Support Among Black Voters

Philadelphia, PA — In a strategic move to shore up support for their re-election bid, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris visited...
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Biden Campaigns in Pennsylvania, Courts Black Voters for 2024 Election

Philadelphia, PA — President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have ramped up their re-election campaign efforts, focusing on crucial battleground states such as Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, they took their campaign to Philadelphia, launching the “Black Voters for Biden” initiative, which aims to invest in black student organizations, community groups, and faith centers.

In their speeches, both Biden and Harris underscored the pivotal role that black voters played in their 2020 victory. “In 2020, black voters in Philadelphia and across our nation helped President Biden and me win the White House,” Harris remarked, highlighting the administration’s achievements, including a 60% increase in black wealth and a record low black unemployment rate since taking office.

Biden addressed former President Donald Trump’s claims about black unemployment rates, asserting, “The fact is, the record low unemployment happened on my watch, and we’re going to keep it going.”

However, recent polls indicate that Trump is gaining ground against Biden, fueled by concerns over the border, economy, and foreign policy. In response, the Biden-Harris campaign has launched a series of TV and radio ads to counter the Republican narrative and emphasize their accomplishments for the black community. “With your vote in 2024, we’re going to make Donald Trump a loser again,” Biden declared.

This trip marks Biden’s seventh visit to Pennsylvania this year, reflecting the state’s importance in the upcoming election. With only five months remaining until November, both Biden and Trump are intensifying their campaign efforts to secure victory.